SoundHoppers is a sound exploration and deep-listening workshop for pre-schoolers and children aged between 5-11 years old.

The sessions aim to encourage careful and deep listening, and attempt to instil an acute approach to engaging with sounds in the environment. This is achieved by a variety of gamiefied listening exercises that explore various aspects of sound – whether that’s proximity (i.e. how far or close a sound is) or timbre (i.e. the tonality and type of sound), or volume (ie how loud or quiet a sound is). Children are also given access to specially constructed Soundboxes, transducers and other sound generating devices and materials to explore how sound travels through a variety of different materials and objects.

We consider our approach to be distinct from traditional music workshops in that our focus is on the wider creative possibilities with the medium of sound rather than on musicality. Music is usually considered a language in of itself in that it involves rhythm, pitch, dynamics, and modes of performance, but steering away from this language allows children to be much more uninhibited in their explorations, and allows for a freer and more playful engagement.

The intention then, is to instil within the children a sense of careful listening and sonic curiosity, without the formalities of traditional musical discourse.

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